Cancer Education and Collaboration
Just Got Personal

Personal connections are transforming the way doctors keep up with the rapid innovations in cancer care. Hearing and discussing the latest advancements with thought leaders first hand has a lasting impact on one’s understanding of the data.

Cancer Expert Now takes traditional education methods and brings it to the era of personalized medicine—with personalized education.

Apply the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols to your office, clinic and institution by collaborating with thought leaders at the forefront of cancer research on your actual patient cases.

Personalized education for personalized medicine through Cancer Expert Now is free and simple:

  1. Register and verify a free account
  2. Upload the case details and outline your questions
  3. Determine how you want to talk to one of our experts
    a. Talk via an encrypted messaging system, similar to messenger
    b. Discuss via a virtual video platform or over the phone
  4. Our customer care team matches you with an appropriate expert and schedules your session
  5. Collaborate with a top thought leader
  6. Receive record of and summary report from the face-to-face discussion or print out your messages for your records.
  7. For your next consult, simple start a new case and repeat the steps!

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Live Virtual Tumor Boards

Join our world reknown thought leaders for discussions on actual patient cases.