When cancer hit, my Employer cared and gave me instant access to the very best doctors in the world.

Prevent and/or Identify Cancer Early

Monthly seminars on how to prevent and/or detect cancer early
Quarterly cancer screenings


Make Confident Decisions and Receive Better Care

Understand which tests and treatments are available and appropriate
Identify clinical trials that your employees may be right for
Get rapid 2nd opinions so that you can start on treatment quickly


Save Money

Eliminate waste by avoiding unnecessary testing and inappropriate treatments
Bring experts to your employees to help patients stay “in-network” to minimize co-pays and commuting costs


Be Compassionate

Ensure employees and their families get their questions answered by the experts that other doctors look to for advice

Help employees and their loved ones communicate and share information through CEN’s secure, private platform

Let Cancer Expert Now be your partner to provide your greatest assets, your employees, rapid access to the some of the best cancer experts in the world!