Cancer Expert Now’s
Prostate Cancer
Knowledge Sharing Network

Connect and Collaborate with other Experts
in Prostate Cancer including Dr. David Crawford,
Dr. Neal Shore, and Dr. Skip Trump

The volume and pace of scientific advancement in all forms of cancer is like we have never witnessed before. Our ability to connect and share information rapidly among our colleagues is critical to ensuring the implementation of these advances.

Harness the Power of Virtual Collaboration

Now you and your colleagues can speak directly, in a HIPAA compliant manner, on specific patients and/or situations that allows rapid dissemination of knowledge regarding new and developing treatments.

* You will need a computer or laptop with a web camera and microphone to participate

What are my peers discussing?

  • Clinical testing including integration of biomarkers
  • Review evidence of currently available treatments
  • Pros and cons of each treatment
  • Information on new treatments in development including
    how to get access to trials in open enrollment

Who is this for?

This service is for any healthcare provider who desires to collaborate with other experts on how and when to implement new or developing tests and treatments.Try the service today with a one-time opportunity to collaborate with a prostate cancer expert on your patient cases.


Hi, I’m Dr. David Crawford from the University of Colorado in Denver. I have been pioneering new research and treatments for Prostate Cancer for over 30 years and I lecture to healthcare providers around the world about these new advances. I have written over 600 scientific papers and have been ranked as one of the top 20 Urology Experts in the US. I and my esteemed colleagues like Neal Shore, MD, Charles Ryan, MD, and Skip Trump, MD are excited to collaborate with you.