Cancer Expert Now connects your co-workers to world-renowned
experts from major cancer centers to help prevent, catch early,
and treat their cancer with confidence.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-changing and overwhelming time.
The Cancer Expert Now Employer Advantage Program gives your co-workers access to
personalized, expert guidance throughout the clinical decision making process.

Employer Advantage Program

  • A comprehensive, world-class screening and prevention program designed by Dr. Bernard Levin
  • Live video sessions with world-renowned experts for support throughout the clinical decision making process
  • Text-message conversations for quick questions and follow up discussions with leading researchers and practicing oncologists
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant portal for all services and documents

Our live doctor-to-patient sessions
and text-message conversations minimize
the fear around a cancer diagnosis by
empowering people through knowledge
and support.

Expert-enhanced decision making leads to optimal
use of expensive cancer tests and treatments, and can
even give patients the confidence to be treated
at a local hospital—decreasing out-of-pocket
expenses and increasing comfortability.

Led by the renowned Dr. Bernard Levin, Cancer Expert Now’s comprehensive Screening and Prevention Program will help your colleagues live healthier lifestyles and encourage active participation in cancer screening throughout the year.

Dr. Bernard Levin
Already an accomplished Gastrointestinal Oncologist, in 1994 Dr. Levin was appointed the founding Vice President and Division Head of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences at MD Anderson Cancer Center and remained in that role until his retirement in 2007. Throughout his career Dr. Levin was recognized multiple times by Marquis Who’s Who for: Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and Who’s Who in the World. With his help, the Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences Division at MD Anderson has become one of the largest and most successful cancer prevention programs in the nation.

“When my husband was told he had kidney cancer, we searched the web for hours, but we ended our searches more scared and confused than when we started.

My employer told me about Cancer Expert Now and the following day we spoke to a top kidney oncologists, Dr. Janice Dutcher, from our kitchen! After 30-minutes speaking with Dr. Dutcher we understood Jim’s diagnosis, which tests he had done and their results, which tests we still needed, and the options available to us. Most importantly, we had the confidence we needed to get Jim staged and treated locally.

We are now 2-years since surgery and Jim is cancer free!

I can’t thank my employer enough for being prepared.”

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