Our Mission is at the heart of everything we do.

We transform clinical outcomes by activating a global network of oncology and hematology experts to promote confidence in treatment decisions and inspire a more informed path forward: one connection at a time.

Cancer Expert Now’s Mission is Simple

Hear from our co-founder and CEO, Jeff Meehan, on why he started Cancer Expert Now.

Our Value Is in Our Name

Cancer Expert Now (CEN) closes the gap in cancer care around the world. CEN facilitates the exchange of knowledge between members of the Onviv Expert Network and doctors, patients, and their loved ones through an easy-to-use, virtual, on-demand platform.


Cancer is complex and personal; we service our users with commitment, humility, and respect.

doctor on computer

Expert knowledge deserves to be accessible to all people, regardless of time and place; we aim to improve global medical communication through ease of connection.

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Now is the time to share rapid, unbiased, and quality intelligence; we provide results that exceed expectations.


Cancer Expert Now’s leadership understands the complex needs of cancer patients and the experts who help them through this challenging time in their lives. They lead the organization leveraging decades of expertise and with the compassion that patients deserve.
Jeff Meehan Headshot
Jeff Meehan

Co-Founder & CEO

Sanjeev Headshot
Sanjiv S. Agarwala, MD

Co-Founder, President & CMO; President of PRIMO

Jennifer Guitierrez
Jennifer Gutierrez

VP, Marketing

Headshot Of Kathy
Kathy Marshall

SVP, Finance

Headshot of Julia
Julia Paphitis

VP, Sales and Business Development

Headshot of Amy
Amy Schippers, PA-C

VP, Clinician Services