To give your cancer patients the best outcomes you can, you need to keep up with constantly changing information.

Traditional mechanisms of sharing data and practice evidence — journals, conferences, and lectures — are costly and not timely enough.

Cancer Expert Now brings you ongoing communication with the primary investigators and oncology innovators involved in studies so that you can apply data to your patients’ cases.

Mobilize knowledge across the globe to create change.


Identify clinical trials for your patients.

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Learn about treatments beyond guidelines.


Apply how and when to use immunotherapy.


Discuss a patient’s rare form of cancer.


Participate in personalized virtual tumor boards.

Cancer Expert Now’s service connects oncologists from around the world with distinguished leaders to discuss disease challenges, recent literature, global clinical findings, and clinical experience in the context of specific patient cases.

Submitting a patient case question is quick and easy.

Just register, log in, and provide only the most relevant patient history information.

There’s no question too big or too small.

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My condition is very rare. My Care Navigator made sure to find an expert who has experience in my specific cancer and can answer my questions. There are no words for how much this has helped me understand and see my next steps.”

After 2 years in treatment, I've never received such a clear and detailed explanation about the differences between treatment options as I did during this 30-minute call. No recommendations just straight facts to help me have an intelligent conversation with my doctor.”