my HealthSense

Empowering employees to make better health care decisions

Many adults in the US are not consistent in their preventative health measures. Most do not see a doctor until they are already sick and experiencing symptoms. As an employer this could have substantial impact on your business expenses.

Preventative screenings and checkups offer individuals the chance of potentially detecting various diseases early (which is often when they are most treatable), or in some cases even preventing a disease from developing.

How it Works


the MyHealthSense app.


a quick survey regarding your family history and the topics you’d most like to receive information on.
(No personal medical information is required or collected and no data is shared with your employer).

to receive timely reminders regarding relevant checkups and screenings that are of importance to you and any family members in your care.

Find the MyHealthSense app in your App Store today:

Examples of the topics we provide resources and information for include:

  • Oncology

  • Vaccinations

  • Heart Health

  • Current Health Epidemics

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Diet and Exercise

  • Sun Protection


  • Track their recommended health care screenings and preventative checkups
  • Know what to expect at these checkups
  • Feel empowered and confident in the health care decisions they make for themselves and their families
  • Get the information needed to stay healthy